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The central focus of the Advancing Next Generation Learning Environments (ANGLE) Lab at ASU is to explore and innovate technologies designed to enhance interactive learning environments and ultimately improve student learning. Current work includes:

  • measuring learner engagement and user experience with state-of-the-art physiological sensors,
  • conducting field evaluations of off-the-shelf tutoring systems,
  • developing best-known-methods and software to manage and analyze large sets of sensory data,
  • creating learning applications for mobile platforms,
  • developing augmented reality enhanced-systems to support learning, and
  • designing embodied mixed-media learning environments.

Equipment and studies

The ANGLE lab is currently equipped with a high resolution HD eye tracking monitor, a 24 Channel EEG wireless headset, a Bluetooth enabled GSR bracelet, Facial action Coding software, and pressure sensitive posture seat. By utilizing all these sensors with proven research methods, the ANGLE lab is able to provide an unprecedented level of insight into the user experiences with in various environments. We have run studies looking at users interaction with current Learning Management Systems, exploring the change in brain activity between expert and novices gamers while playing a highly engaging video games, mapping the cognitive and affective changes of a typical Facebook user to features that are commonly used between individuals, identifying the impact of seductive details on traditional learning environments, and comparing self-reports of cognitive load to sensor-based data.


This research is conducted via collaborative partnerships with experts in data mining, computer science, and informatics. It is funded by the Office of Naval Research. The following video developed by Office of Naval Research captures our research on intelligent tutoring systems.



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