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ANGLE challenge at ASU Preparatory Academy – Polytechnic

ANGLE Lab sponsored the ANGLE Lab Challenge one of the Research Challenges at QUANTA Research Outreach Program at ASU.   This challenge was led by three of our lab mates: Nikil Selvam and Emily Berk (both undergrad students) and Dan Shapera (PhD Candidate).   Participants The challenge attracted about 70 students who participate in two […]

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Supporting the Assembly Process by Leveraging Augmented Reality

Project description To date, drawings still serve as the main mean for assembly guidance. However, the use of drawing guidelines is not enough for the complexity of assembling large-scale apparatus such as computer systems or other intricate components. The challenge involves: (a) defining standard formats to describe the assembly process as well as defining a […]

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Augmented Reality

In the ANGLE lab, we are exploring educational applications of Augmented Reality that could potentially provide rich contextual learning for learning a skill, such as learning to be a mechanic, surgeon, or firefighter. Our foresight for this emerging technology is to be able to develop empirical strategies to leverage the emerging technology of AR. Furthermore, […]

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