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Intelligent Tutoring Project

In the summer of 2010 the ANGLE Lab partnered with Mountain Pointe High School in the Tempe School District to design and administer a summer school Algebra program using math-based intelligent tutoring systems. The partnership was designed to allow ANGLE Lab on behalf of ONR to evaluate the effectiveness of three off-the-shelf math-based intelligent tutoring systems and Mountain Pointe High School to upgrade their computer-based summer school Algebra course.  This partnership then continued in Fall 2010 for a curriculum integration project where the intelligent tutors were evaluated as practice tools within a remedial, high-school math course as well as in an after school AIMS remediation program.

In Summer 2011, ANGLE Lab partnered with the Mesa School District to design and administer another summer school remediation program for Algebra students. In Fall 2012, the partnership with Mesa School District continued as the ALEKS intelligent tutor  was selected based on usability factors to be designed into the regular school year, Algebra remediation curriculum and is being evaluted in conjuction with self-regulated learning instruction that teaches the students how to most effectively practice using the tutoring systems.

All four of these collaborative, field studies were designed to evaluate off-the-shelf intelligent tutoring systems while providing high school students the opportunity remediate their Algebra skills. In each of these studies, ANGLE Lab provided the tutoring software and two researchers that also served as the technical support staff to allow the high-school math teachers to focus on assisting students rather than troubleshooting the software.