Office of Naval Research
Grant #N000141010143
Grant #N000141310438

Sadauskas, John


Educational Technology
Mary Lou Fulton Teacher’s College



John earned a Ph.D. in Educational Technology with a concentration in Arts, Media and Engineering in Fall 2014. His doctoral thesis involved the design, development, and evaluation of a social media based prewriting application for high school students. During his doctoral program, he worked with the ANGLE Lab and the School of Arts, Media and Engineering’s Reflective Living research groups, and contributed to multiple NSF-funded projects, including an instructional design effort for undergraduate engineering and a cyberlearning study on worked examples in online homework help forums. His research interests include social media, narrative storytelling, human-computer interaction, online peer review, cyberlearning, embodied mixed-media learning, and instructional design. His work is steeped in a multi-disciplinary background including education, design, filmmaking, music, programming, sociology, literature and journalism. John currently work sat Pearson as a Sr. Learning Designer for global higher education products.