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Presentations: Video Game Design and Learner Characteristics

During the 2010-2011 school year, LSRL member John M. Quick lead two research studies that sought to identify relationships between undergraduate learner characteristics and their enjoyment of video games.

Information about video game feature preferences, play habits, and personality traits was collected from hundreds of undergraduate learners during the fall and spring semesters. These data are being used to identify the key design features that most influence learners’ perception of video game experiences and how personality traits relate to learners’ preferences for and use of video games.

John will present this work at two upcoming conferences in 2011. In June, he will be at the Games, Learning, and Society conference in Madison, WI to share the six key design features that influence student enjoyment of video games and discuss the impacts of involuntary play in formal settings on learner experience. In September, John will be at the EARLI conference in Exeter, UK to share the undergraduate learner personas that emerged from the analysis of students’ video game preferences, play habits, and personality traits. You are welcome to contact John about this research and related topics at John.M.Quick [at] asu [dot] edu.