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ANGLE’s Facebook project

The central focus of the Advancing Next Generation Learning Environments (ANGLE) Lab at ASU is to explore and innovate technologies designed to enhance interactive learning environments and ultimately improve student learning. Angle Lab’s Facebook Project from ASU Engineering on Vimeo.

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Short Talk
Covert and Overt Measures of Engagement Within an Educational Multimedia Environment

8th Annual Games for Change Festival, New Yourk, NY, USA. June 2011. Short Talk Wednesday (June 22) — NYU Law School (40 Washington Square South), Greenberg Lounge. Abstract Within the social sciences there is a well-established base of research that has helped to shed light on the complexity of human social interactions. Recently, in the […]

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Eye-tracking System

Description of the output file The output file could be opened as CSV file, so it can be readed as plain text file or using some spreadsheet application such as Excel. The first part of the list contains the data that is processed in the eye tracker and sent to Tobii Studio, and the second […]

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