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Publication: Searching for the two sigma advantage: Evaluating algebra intelligent tutors

The latest publication from ANGLE is now available.  The article, published in Computers in Human Behavior, describes the evaluation of two algebra intelligent tutoring systems in a remedial high school context.  Download the article’s final draft post-print here: Sabo et al. – 2013 – Searching for the two sigma advantage Citation Sabo, K. E., Atkinson, R. K., Barrus, […]

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Publications: mLearning, embodiment, education, healthcare

ANGLE members Denham, Quick, and Atkinson have recently published a book chapter and article on the topic of mobile learning. The book chapter discusses the current state of mobile technology usage in the fields of education and healthcare, while offering design guidelines and future directions for mobile applications in those industries. The article offers a […]

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Publications: Gameplay Enjoyment and Learner Characteristics

ANGLE members Quick, Lin, and Atkinson have produced multiple publications on the topic of gameplay enjoyment, game design, and individual characteristics. This work has lead to the development of the Gameplay Enjoyment Model (GEM), which is being further developed by John M. Quick (you can read more about GEM at Information on the latest publications in […]

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